asker Hi Hi Hi Hey Hi

I’m just a kid
I can lay inside
Over and over baby
Well if only i had a heart to rip in two
See, my eyes can’t see clear

No sé amor, es el peor haiku

21 Sep 14 at 10 pm

Asked by taquiccardia

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hoola po

You have such a beautiful face 
Tell her that you love her, if you really love her
You don’t wanna get popped for no reason
Horrible nightmares will ensue
something ugly in you you also saw in me 


21 Sep 14 at 10 pm

Asked by milkt-ea

asker hola~

Take me out tonight
you don’t understand, you don’t understand
imagine having everything we ever dreamed
Hey man, heard you were your brother’s keeper
anywhere i go i’m gonna take you with me 

what on earth is this?!?!


北アフリカ・モロッコの風物詩、旧市街と衛星アンテナの組み合わせがすごい - DNA
21 Sep 14 at 9 pm

Asked by captainsawamura

asker hi!

Cakey don’t kiss ass but my nigga do
You know I tried so hard
Look, we gettin’ money
Feel something right and feel some good
Upon the sand, upon the bay

well that was wild.

asker hiiiiiiiii

If your mother had her druthers
Everyday I feel the same
Sex, sex, sex
It eats away at your brain
Hugs and kisses from the girls and the boys